pet grooming: Dog getting groomed by a pet groomer

Professional Pet Grooming at Valley Veterinary Hospital

Here at Valley Veterinary Hospital our professionally trained groomers are here for all of your pet’s needs. They will provide your furry companion with an individual and expressive new do. From dog safe hair dye to specialty haircuts, bath and blowouts, nail polish and buffing, pet safe facials, and more, all of your pets pampering and spa needs will be taken care of!

Our ultimate goal is to make your pet happy, healthy, and comfortable from head to tail. Schedule your pet’s grooming appointment today!

Did you know...

that regular grooming is highly beneficial to your pet’s health? It does so much more than simply making them look good. With our professional pet grooming services, we not only wash away dirt, oil, loose hair, and dead skin cells, but also take the time to check for lumps and bumps hidden under your pet’s coat. We groom pets from all over southeastern Pennsylvania including those who hail from Phoenixville, Valley Forge, King of Prussia, Malvern, Paoli, Exton, the Main Line, Philadelphia, Chester County, Montgomery County.

Grooming Services and Pricing

Your pet’s grooming experience is tailored to their unique needs and your desires. We use low-stress, gentle handling for the comfort of each patient, so they fully enjoy their pampering.

Adult Woman Washing Siberian Cat in Bathtub.

Bath & Basics

This grooming service is aimed at short-haired, non-haircut breeds such as Pit Bulls, Pugs, Dobermans, etc., but all breeds are welcome.

  • Bath
  • Nails trimmed
  • Ears cleaned
  • Pads trimmed
  • Sanitary cleaned and trimmed

Bath & Basics Pricing

  • Small (under 25 lbs) - $35
  • Medium (25-55 lbs) - $45
  • Large (55+ lbs) - $55

Full Grooms for Dogs

Full grooms are beneficial for long-haired breeds and those with continuously growing hair such as Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Schnauzers, etc.

  • All Bath & Basics services
  • Blow out
  • Haircut

Full Groom Pricing

  • Small Dogs (under 25 lbs) - $55-60
  • Medium (25-50 lbs) - $65-70
  • Large (50-75 lbs) - $75-80
  • X-Large (75+ lbs) - $85+

Puppy’s First Groom

To help your new puppy acclimate to the sounds and procedures of a professional pet grooming, we offer the First Groom service.

  • All Bath & Basics services
  • Face trim
  • Paw trim

Puppy's First Groom Pricing

  • All breeds - $30
A professional cat groomer finishes the grooming on a cat. The pet is laying on a grooming table, inside a pet grooming business while the woman groomer combs the animal's hair.

Cat Grooming Services

  • Bath and brush out alone - $47
  • Bath Pack (bath, brush, nails) - $65

Lion Cut Packages

  • Basic (bath, brush, and cut) - $70
  • Advanced (Basic package plus nails) - $100
  • Shave Down Only - $40

Extras and Add-on services

  • Bath & Dry Small (25 lbs and under) - $25
  • Bath & Dry Medium (25-55 lbs) - $30
  • Bath & Dry Large (55+ lbs) - 35
  • De-shedding/Furminator - $15-35 (depending on dog size)
  • De-matting - price dependent on time and extent of matting
  • Nail buffing - $8
  • Nail painting - $ 10
  • Fur dying with animal safe dye -$25+
  • Blueberry facial - $10
Dog grooming a poodle in a grooming saloon.

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We love this place and last night was not any different. Doctors are amazing and the staff makes you feel comfortable...
Most importantly my kitty is feeling better today!!! Yea!!! Thank you!!!

- Kristie M.

We absolutely love our vets here!!!! We have a 4 year old American Bully and a 10 week old pit mix and they ADORE all the staff at Valley Vet!!! The staff are welcoming, loving, kind, attentive and thorough! We absolutely LOVE Valley Vet Hospital 

- Sammy J.

Our little piggie Cookie had a fall last night. It was so easy to get an appointment to get her looked at. Dr. Shreiber was very patient in examining her. The office staff and assistants are also very compassionate people. Thank you for making our little Cookie feel better.

- Nick D.

The most knowledgeable vet we ever had. They do not push treatment on you, they work with you and the main priority is your pet.

- Gloria D.

Always a great experience. I was here yesterday after my dog was bitten by another dog and they took her back right away and eased my mind that it was only a minor flesh wound.

- Amy P.

I LOVE Valley Vet! They are always there for our pets and us too! We are proud to be Dr. Shreiber's 7th customer!!! They "GET" it there! All of them! We can not thank everyone at Valley Vet enough for everything!!!!!

- Lori A.

I couldn't be more pleased with Valley Vet. From the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out, you know you are in great hands. Highly recommend VVH to anyone I meet!

- Stephanie W.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and care of my beloved Lilly. You made her and I so comfortable as we said good-bye. It’s never easy to let go of your pet, but even though my heart was breaking you took great care of her. I don’t know how you do what you do, but I appreciate more than you’ll ever know.

- Jennifer A.