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Valley Veterinary Hospital in Phoenixville, PA
Valley Veterinary Hospital in Phoenixville, PA
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where expert veterinary care meets compassionate service for both your pet and you.
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Visit Our New Facility
Located at 1145 Valley Forge Road, our new animal hospital is housed in a beautiful historic building, featuring state-of-the-art facilities. We can’t wait to welcome you and your pets!
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Now offering dog training services!
Teach you dog new skills and confidence building in an enriched learning environment, by industry leading professionals
Doggy Daycare
Your dog can play, exercise and socialize in a safe, supervised environment. Ask us about our daycare programs or schedule an evaluation!
Luxury pet boarding at Valley Veterinary Hospital
Our spacious luxury boarding facility is designed with your pet's comfort and well-being in mind. Contact us to schedule a reservation
or come in for a tour!
Looking for quality pet grooming services near you? Call to make an appointment with one of our professional groomers!
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Don't forget to make your holiday bookings and boarding arangements!

  • Going away for the upcoming holiday season and need accommodations for your pet?
  • Have company coming? Need a place to keep your pet safe and taken care of during the busy holidays?
  • Drop off your pet to our luxury boarding accommodations up to the eve of the holidays and have your pets enjoy our all inclusive amenities and activities at our top of the line facility while you entertain or travel!
Veterinarian in Phoenixville, PA

Welcome to the new Valley Veterinary Hospital

In 2019 we moved into our new facility, a state of the art dream project built to serve Valley Veterinary Hospital's expansive list of loyal customers who have been with us for 24 years as of February. As with everything Dr. Shreiber does, the facility was built with three things in mind; Care, Commitment, and Compassion, the mission statement that opened with him when Valley Vet opened it's doors in 1996. Our new facility features vastly expanded services to take care of all of the medical and lifestyle needs of our clients and patients, and now offers grooming, doggy daycare with customized care plans available, boarding accommodations for cats and dogs with safety and luxury in mind, dog training services from a CPDT-KA (certified dog trainer) and offers various group classes and private training, psychical therapy and rehabilitation services from our certified canine rehabilitation specialist, aqua therapy, acupuncture, and we are always continuing to grow. At Valley Veterinary Hospital we understand there is no one size fits all approach for any animal, and look to approach things using both a science based approach and a holistic approach for the best outcome for our patients and clients

Our brand new hospital is located in a beautiful historic building in the heart of Phoenixville and Valley Forge. During the construction process of the hospital, we took careful measures to restore the old historic building to its former glory and our animal hospital will be a new addition. learn more

Veterinarian in Phoenixville, PA

Greyhound Rescue Work

Greyhounds hold a special place in our hearts. To help these amazing dogs, we work with various greyhound rescue groups. Additionally, Dr. Shreiber, who has been an avid lover of greyhounds for over 20 years, is the trusted veterinarian of many greyhound owners. Learn more about the rescues we partner with and how you can help.

Veterinarian in Phoenixville, PA

Pet Health is Our Priority

Helping pets enjoy the highest quality of life possible allows them to live longer and happier lives. And you get to spend more time with them, too! We focus our energy on preventive care so they can avoid illness altogether. Yet, if they do get ill, we'll be right there to make them well again. Learn more about pet wellness care we offer.

Veterinary Services We Offer in Phoenixville PA

For exceptional, lifelong care, your pet deserves to have a veterinarian who can meet their every need.

Our animal hospital offers the following services:

Your Pet’s Health Journey Begins Here

We are always excited to welcome new clients and patients to our animal hospital in Phoenixville. Our ultimate goal is to help your pet achieve optimal health and spend many happy years at your side. Consequently, we take our role as educators very seriously and endeavor to always offer sound advice along with the highest quality medicine.

Take a moment to meet our team members and see what we have to offer! We look forward to accompanying you and your pet on their lifelong health journey. Call (610) 935-8110 to schedule an appointment for your pet!

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