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Customized training plans for your needs

  • Get a free 30 minute consult with our certified trainer
  • Private Training plans custom designed to you and your dog's needs
  • Positive reinforcement based training
  • Behavior Modification plans
  • Therapy dog training and evaluations


Join us for a Puppy Social Every Saturday!

  • Every Saturday at 10 am!
  • A fantastic opportunity for young puppies to engage in socialization in a safe learning environment!
  • Puppies will have a chance to make furry friends and be guided in play by our trainer Daniel
  • An Excellent introduction to doggy daycare!
  • For dogs 8 weeks to 5 months of age



Our Dog Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is an extension of our ideals of Care, Commitment and Compassion. Using positive reinforcement and other science-based dog training methods, we employ a holistic approach that allows for open-mindedness, flexibility, and creativity when working with the dogs that come through our doors.

Our goal for any pet coming into Valley Veterinary Hospital for dog training is not only for the dog to be trained, but to allow the relationship between dog and parent(s) to to flourish, and reach it's fullest potential. Whether it is behavior modification, or making sure your dog has proper guidelines, boundaries and limits, the intention of our training is focused on creating a deeper understanding of dogs through education, so pet parents feel empowered and have the knowledge to work with their dog in a manner that will help them live their best balanced life.

Private Training Sessions (only session type being offered at this time)

Valley Veterinary Hospital offers private training sessions to all clients. Before our trainer engages in lessons with you and your pup they will schedule a free 30 minute training consult to discuss your needs for training. Training programs can vary in length of time and number of sessions suggested, and are custom designed according to the needs and wants of the dog and it's parents.

Puppy Class

Getting started on the right "paw" is what puppy class is geared towards for you and your new family member. From basic obedience to confidence building, as well as learning about dogs, this class will allow you to create a bond with your pup that will last a lifetime. Additionally it will give you the tools and knowledge for you to start working with your puppy in a manner that will help alleviate behaviors such as nipping, jumping, and all of those puppy things that need to be addressed early on so they don't become a life long occurrence.

For dogs 10 weeks to 5 months of age


Old dogs can learn new tricks! Believe it or not, this is actually true. This class is for pups 6 months or older, with no age limit, and who have had no formal training or simply need a refresher in their basic obedience skills. As in our puppy group class, pet parents and pup will build fundamental skills and knowledge that will help their bond flourish, while working on behaviors that may have started to become issues and need to be addressed.

For dogs 6 months to any age


For pups who are ready to move past the fundamental learning stage and are ready to start applying behaviors to real world situations, including distractions, distance, and duration! This level is essential in making sure that your dog is not just trained, but able to take their training and have it be used when needed in all aspects of you and your pup's life. In this level you will learn how to take what has been learned in puppy or beginner class, and create more reliability and consistency. As well, some cool tricks you can show your friends and family to showcase how well your dog is trained!

All ages welcome. Dogs participating are required to have taken Puppy or Beginner classes or an equivalent 


For pups who are ready to take on the challenge of being able to handle almost all of life's situations. Advanced level training requires previous training, so that high-level behaviors can be learned and applied. After completing this class your pup will be ready for the Canine Good Citizen and/or therapy dog training.

All ages welcome. Dogs participating are required to have taken our Intermediate level class or equivalent 

Therapy Dog Training

Therapy dogs provide relief to those in situations that can bring on anxiety, while also bringing comfort to those who are in anguish or are lonesome. Some of the environments therapy dogs are used are nursing homes, hospitals, and schools.

For dogs at least one year of age or older

CGC Canine Good Citizen

Canine Good Citizen certification is granted by the American Kennel Club, showing that your dog can demonstrate appropriate behaviors such being calm and safe during everyday activities during activities that include people and other dogs. For pups who pass the test, they will receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club and will be eligible to wear the CGC insignia. For pet parents, they will be able to save on home owners insurance, or even be allowed to rent certain properties that without this certification would not be a consideration. This is usually required for potential service and therapy dogs. Tests can be conducted separate from the class, if class has been taken elsewhere.

All ages welcome. Dogs participating are required to have taken our Intermediate level class or equivalent 

Vaccine Requirements

To partake in training services we require up to date vaccines on the following:

Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella and CIV.

Read more about our vaccination services

What sets us apart?

Valley Veterinary Hospital was started in 1996 by Dr. Lindsay Shreiber with one goal in mind-- to treat every animal that walks through our doors with Care, Commitment and Compassion. Dr. Shreiber is a skilled animal behaviorist, having studied at Wolfpark, and believes in treating every animal as a whole, and each situation uniquely. With our expanded facility and services Dr. Shreiber is proud to be able to offer numerous new beneficial services to clients, including dog training, to be able to take care of client needs in a well rounded holistic and science based approach.

About our staff

Private Training vs Behavioral Modification

Private training sessions are offered Mondays through Thursdays and on Saturdays during office hours.

Before our trainer starts any private lessons with you and your dog, he offers a free consultation to understand your needs and goals for training, and the issues you may be experiencing at home or in public.


If a Behavior Modification plan is suggested, this is done in coordination between our trainer and our veterinarians, to come up with the best course of action for your pup regardless of the issue that may exist, and a custom designed course will be made for tackling the specific issues at hand.

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What Other Are Saying

I must say that Valley Veterinary Hospital is top notch! The staff is very friendly and the facility is amazing. The Veterinarian, Katherine Grove was exceptional. -Georgia K.

I have been coming to Valley Vet for 16 years, first with my first cat Kenzo and now my new cat Punkie. Every visit has been friendly and professional. Dr. Shreiber and all of the staff have always been so caring with every visit and do everything they can to make sure I understand everything regarding my cat`s health and their well being.-Leeanne S.

Always a great experience. Very caring and professional staff. Takes a personal interest in your pet. Highly recommend!-David F.

I have been going to Valley Vet since 1998. I have always had great care with all of the vets. Dr. Shreiber has always been wonderful to the dogs, and always has extensive knowledge. He is always gentle and caring. And I have a new great rapport with Dr. O. She is delightful and straightforward about care, which is very important. I never feel that these doctors are dumbing things down for me, which is truly appreciated as I have 45 years of experience with sight hounds.-Mary K.

We truly feel like their trainer cares about each dog as a whole and not just getting them to obey. His approach to training is completely different than any other trainer we have talked to.-Lindsay T.

I can absolutely say that the trainer at valley veterinary hospital is responsible for helping me save my dog’s life. I know I can always reach out to them for help. They have been an amazing support for our family and has made it possible for us to live a happy comfortable life with our crazy little dog. And I know that as other things arise in the future, I have someone to turn to. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is having problems with their dog, or even those who aren’t! They helped me to feel so much more in control and has made my dog a happier pup for it.-Ellis A.

I recommend valley veterinary's training staff to any pet owner who wants to improve their pet caring skills. We look forward to engaging with him routinely to keep our skills and relationships strong. I can truly say they saved my family. Thank you for offering an incredibly valuable service.-Valerie L.   

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At Valley Veterinary Hospital we know your pet is a member of your family. Our responsibility and privilege is helping you take care of him or her! The hospital was established in 1996 by Dr. Lindsay Shreiber, VMD, with the goal of making a positive difference in the lives of patients and clients.

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