Dog Daycare in Phoenixville, PA

Dog Daycare in Phoenixville, PA

The Villas at Valley Vet dog daycare features two cavernous playrooms to accommodate dogs of all sizes, with paws soft flooring, and dog friendly play equipment. We also have 5 outdoor yards for all of our dogs to play in. We serve clients with exceptional doggy daycare services from all over the greater Philadelphia area, easily reachable from Phoenixville, Valley Forge, King of Prussia, Malvern, Paoli, Exton, The Main Line, Philadelphia, Chester County, and Montgomery County.

All dogs who wish to come to daycare will be evaluated and temperament tested by our skilled staff to ensure the safety of your dog, others, and our staff. We offer a free day of daycare for dogs who pass evaluation! Call us today (610) 935-8110

Get a FREE day of daycare with an Evaluation!

  • How do evaluations work?
    • Evaluations can be scheduled M-F between 9am-2pm. One of our skilled daycare team members will greet you and your dog at your car when you check in. After some introductions and a a brief interview with our staff, we will ask you to wait in your car while we get to know your dog.
    • The whole process takes about 20 minutes, where we will engage with your dog, and see how they play with and greet with other dogs, and are introduced into the daycare room.
  • If your dog is welcomed into our pack, they will stay for the rest of the day for their first free day of daycare where they will make new friends and play games with our skilled staff!
  • We evaluate every dogs needs on an individual and personalized level, and pride ourselves on giving every dog in our pack a daycare experience that will leave them happy and excited to return!
  • In the event that your dog does not pass the Evaluation, we do offer Day Boarding services at the same cost as Day Care. Your dog will receive all of the same all inclusive pampering as our extended stay boarding dogs.

Pricing for Daycare

  • Evaluation - $28
    *includes a full day of daycare--$56 value total!
  • Full Day Daycare - $28

Daycare Passes

  • To purchase, speak to our tallented staff!
  • 5 Day - $130 ($26 a day)
  • 10 Day - $250 ($25 a day)
  • 30 Day - $690 ($23 a day)

Requirements for Daycare

For the well-being of all our guests, we have a few requirements before your pet will be able to play with us. These include:

  • Required: Up-to-date vaccinations including rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Canine Flu (CIV)
  • Required: Spayed or Neutered after 6 Months of age
  • Reccomended: Up-to-date on all parasite prevention including heartworms, fleas, and ticks*

*If fleas or any other parasites are found on your pet, we will treat them.

Every Dog Deserves Their Day

Daycare dogs will play games with their referees, be challenged intellectually, play on our dog-safe playground equipment, romp in splash pools and play with mind stimulating toys, and make pals for life with fellow dogs and our amazing staff.

Doggy ice cream treats are given at pick-up to reward a great day of play!

We aren’t just a dog daycare; we are a place for your dog to play, to learn, have fun, and grow in an enriching environment. They will be so excited to come back every day!

Additional Activities

Additional activities at dog daycare such as TLC, One-on-One play, and leash walks are available. We believe in enrichment and mental stimulation. The things that make your dog tick will bring them just as much joy as romping around with new furry friends. Talk to one of our receptionists, or one of our skilled team leaders about a customized daycare plan for your dog!

  • Our TLC add-on is especially good for elderly dogs in daycare who may need a break. While dogs will typically give themselves a rest when they are tiring, if you let us know of your dog’s special needs, we can arrange for a one-on-one break time with a caregiver. Your loved one will enjoy some individual belly rubs, brushing, petting, and all-around pampering.
  • One-on-One activity add-ons are great for dogs who are exceedingly energetic and really need the individualized attention to tire them out! Have a dog that will play fetch for hours? Sign them up for One-on-One activities and we will do just that!
  • Leash walks offer easy, gentle exercise for pets. During a leash walk, your dog will enjoy some quality time with one of our staff on a peaceful jaunt around the Villas.

Additionally, we take great care and time to get to know all of our dogs temperaments, if you haven't asked for any additional activities and we notice that your dog needs some particular kind of attention to really get them stimulated and engaged, or needs a relaxing nap with some TLC, we will do so so your dog has the best daycare day, day after day.

You may also bring lunch for your dog, and one of our referees will take them to one of our dedicated areas for lunch and a rest before they get back into the fun.

If you would also like to receive email updates with photos and report cards, these are available upon request.

Making Safety a Priority

Our excellent staff is trained in animal behavior and safe handling by our on-staff dog trainer. We understand dog language and provide a safe play environment for all. In addition, we are a full-service veterinary hospital and always have techs and veterinarians on hand to ensure the health and safety of the pets in our care.

We thoroughly monitor all guests through out the day. If we notice something of concern to us, your pups health and safety is our number one priority. We will always touch base with our techs and doctors to ensure the health of your dog while they are under our care.

Please take a moment to read our updated hospital policy.