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Cat and Dog Boarding in Phoenixville, PA

With a highly dedicated staff of pet lovers,
we cater to your pet’s every need and whim.

Animal Hospital in Phoenixville, PA: Dog Training

Activities to Suit Every Need

  • Group play at daycare
  • TLC time (quiet time alone with a staff member or plenty of snuggles and belly rubs)
  • Tailored one-on-one play (intensive play time with dedicated staff)
  • Outdoor walks
  • Bed time tuck-ins
  • Email and photo updates at request
  • Daily gourmet snack of choice at snack time with a scheduled nap

Cat and Dog Boarding

The Villas at ValleyVet is a luxury pet hotel boarding experience, located near scenic and historic Valley Forge National Park and downtown Phoenixville. Our All inclusive experience allows us to create a customized package just for your cat or dog. While you vacation, so do they! 

We invite Pet parents and furry family members from all over southeastern Pennsylvania to experience our boutique pet hotel! Serving Phoenixville, Valley Forge, King of Prussia, Malvern, Schuylkill township, Paoli, Exton, Main Line, Philadelphia, Chester County, Montgomery County, and the greater Philadelphia area. Call as at (610) 935-8110 to schedule a boarding for your pet today!

Pet Boarding in Phoenixville: Luxury Boarding Facility
Pet Boarding in Phoenixville: Boarding Facility
Animal Hospital in Phoenixville, PA: Facility
Animal Hospital in Phoenixville, PA: Facility
Animal Hospital in Phoenixville, PA: Facility
Animal Hospital in Phoenixville, PA: Facility
Dog Playing Outside
Dog Daycare in Phoenixville, PA
Animal Hospital in Phoenixville, PA: Dog Laying On Blanket

Requirements for Boarding

For the well-being of all our guests, we have several requirements before your pet will be allowed to stay with us. These include:

  • Required: Up-to-date vaccinations including rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, canine flu (CIV) for dogs;
  • Required: Rabies, FVRCP; Recommended FeLV, and FIV negative for cats
  • Negative fecals for all puppies and kittens
  • Recommended: Up-to-date on all parasite prevention including heartworms, fleas, and ticks*

*If fleas or any other parasites are found on your pet, we will treat them and add the charge to your boarding bill.

Our facility boasts 18,000 square feet of space all designed with your furry family member in mind. The state-of-the-art facility opened in 2019 and took over the historic Bull Tavern, and includes features such as beautiful glass-fronted kennel suites, private three-tiered cat condos, two spacious dog daycare rooms, four outdoor yards for outdoor activities, a cozy couch room for snuggle time, on staff groomers, an on-staff trainer, expertly trained animal handlers and onsite exemplary veterinary care.

Our pet boarding suites are all generously sized,  and our all-inclusive offerings come with hours of activities customized to your pet’s personality, favorite pastimes, snacks, and temperament. When you make your first booking one of our skilled reception team members will get to know you and your cat or dog, and help you pick from our menu of playtime and enrichment options. We can’t wait to pamper your pet! 

You can pick from the following addons with the price of your pets stay:

Dog Boarding Addons

Daycare Group Play

Does your dog come to our dog daycare? Sign up for this group play activity during their boarding stay and they will get to come play with their friends while at their extended stay with us. If you are a pass holder this will not count against your pass count. $28/day value and included in the price of boarding. Has your dog not had an evaluation yet? Sign up for an evaluation during your dog's boarding stay and be daycare ready when they go home!

Shy dog group play

The perfect activity for dogs who love to socialize but get overwhelmed by large groups or long periods of playtime. Shy dog group play includes frequent nap times and a highly curated group of friends for your dog to play with based on an assessment of their temperament, personality, and playstyle. Dogs who wish to participate in shy dog group play will also need to receive an evaluation. After their boarding stay our shy dogs are welcome to come back for daycare at any time and will be given smaller increments of play and frequent nap times in our dedicated naptime breakroom for dogs.

Evaluation for Daycare

For dogs to participate in our dog daycare setting we require that they receive an evaluation of their temperament, personality, and playstyle. You can sign up for an Evaluation during your boarding stay to participate in any of our group play activities. If your dog passes the evaluation process they are welcome back to come to our dog daycare any time Monday through Friday and can participate in any group play activities automatically in the future $28 value included in the price of the boarding stay.

Socialization activities

This option is a wonderful activity option for dogs who are under socialized, and may not have much exposure to other dogs or sensory exposures outside of their home. In this socialization experience our skilled boarding and daycare team members will create the foundations to help your dog build confidence. At the end of your dogs stay you will be sent a training assessment from our trainer through our pet portal.

One-on-One play time

This activity is for those dogs who love toy time and love attention from people! A great option for dogs who may not enjoy the daycare setting or did not pass their evaluation so they will still get plenty of outdoor time, enrichment, and fun! All dogs are welcome to sign up for this choice of playtime, and we invite our furry friends to come join our staff for fun games of tug, fetch, jolly ball, and much more!

Outdoor walks

Our dogs get 4 outdoor relief walks a day, but if your dog particularly likes long leisurely walks to sniff and explore then this is an excellent option for them. Add this activity for  extended walks in our spacious outdoor areas.

Snuggle time

Sign up for some TLC time and have your dog snuggle up with one of our team members in our cozy couch room complete with lots of belly rubs

Snack time

Choose from frozen peanut butter stuffed Kongs, or a selection of doggy ice creams: Mint, Cheese, or Peanut Butter

Cat Boarding Addons

Free roam time

Supervised roaming time to explore and stretch their legs in our sunny cat condo rooms in a separate quiet area of our building. 

One-on-One playtime

Playtime for your frisky feline with one of our staff members. We have a selection of entertaining and enticing toys just for kitties so they can jump, run and pounce!

Snuggle time

is your feline friend a love bug? Then this is the perfect addition to their stay. One of our staff members will be assigned to spend quality cuddle time with your favorite lap cat.

Snack Time

Choose from a rotating selection of temptations cat treats or have your cat unwind with some catnip.


  • Toy Suite
  • Regular Suite
  • Large Suite
  • Family Suite
  • Family Deluxe Suite

  • * 50% discount for additional dog in suite


  • Spacious Three-tier Cat Condo

We can provide house food, as well as medication* administration at no additional cost.

(*Medications must be provided by guardians in their original bottles with the original instructions)

Our facility features a food prep kitchen and can provide food from home at pet parents' directions* 

*Please note we can not cook any raw ingredients. If your pet requires cooked food please provide it prepared so we can give them their needed diet appropriately. 

Making Safety a Priority

Our excellent staff is trained in animal behavior and safe handling by our on-staff dog trainer. We understand dog language and provide a safe play environment for all. In addition, we are a full-service veterinary hospital and always have techs and veterinarians on hand to ensure the health and safety of the pets in our care.

We thoroughly monitor all guests through out the day. If we notice something of concern to us, your pups health and safety is our number one priority. We will always touch base with our techs and doctors to ensure the health of your dog while they are under our care

Vaccine Requirements

To partake in training services we require up to date vaccines on the following:

Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella and CIV.

Read more about our vaccination services

What sets us apart?

Valley Veterinary Hospital was started in 1996 by Dr. Lindsay Shreiber with one goal in mind-- to treat every animal that walks through our doors with Care, Commitment and Compassion. Dr. Shreiber is a skilled animal behaviorist, having studied at Wolfpark, and believes in treating every animal as a whole, and each situation uniquely. With our expanded facility and services Dr. Shreiber is proud to be able to offer numerous new beneficial services to clients, including dog training, to be able to take care of client needs in a well rounded holistic and science based approach.

About our staff

Private Training vs Behavioral Modification

Private training sessions are offered by availability during office hours.

Before our trainer starts any private lessons with you and your dog, they offer a free consultation to understand your needs and goals for training, as well as the issues you may be experiencing at home or in public.

If a Behavior Modification plan is suggested, this is done in coordination between our trainer and our veterinarians, to come up with the best course of action for your pup regardless of the issue that may exist, and a custom designed course of action will be made for tackling the specific unwanted issues at hand.

Behavior Modification approaches issues such as reactive behaviors, separation anxiety, resource guarding and beyond.

Dog paws with a spot in the form of heart and human hand close up, top view. Conceptual image of friendship, trust, love, the help between the person and a dog

What Others Are Saying

I must say that Valley Veterinary Hospital is top notch! The staff is very friendly and the facility is amazing. The Veterinarian, Katherine Grove was exceptional. -Georgia K.

I have been coming to Valley Vet for 16 years, first with my first cat Kenzo and now my new cat Punkie. Every visit has been friendly and professional. Dr. Shreiber and all of the staff have always been so caring with every visit and do everything they can to make sure I understand everything regarding my cat`s health and their well being.-Leeanne S.

Always a great experience. Very caring and professional staff. Takes a personal interest in your pet. Highly recommend!-David F.

I have been going to Valley Vet since 1998. I have always had great care with all of the vets. Dr. Shreiber has always been wonderful to the dogs, and always has extensive knowledge. He is always gentle and caring. And I have a new great rapport with Dr. O. She is delightful and straightforward about care, which is very important. I never feel that these doctors are dumbing things down for me, which is truly appreciated as I have 45 years of experience with sight hounds.-Mary K.

We truly feel like their trainer cares about each dog as a whole and not just getting them to obey. His approach to training is completely different than any other trainer we have talked to.-Lindsay T.

I can absolutely say that the trainer at valley veterinary hospital is responsible for helping me save my dog’s life. I know I can always reach out to them for help. They have been an amazing support for our family and has made it possible for us to live a happy comfortable life with our crazy little dog. And I know that as other things arise in the future, I have someone to turn to. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is having problems with their dog, or even those who aren’t! They helped me to feel so much more in control and has made my dog a happier pup for it.-Ellis A.

I recommend valley veterinary's training staff to any pet owner who wants to improve their pet caring skills. We look forward to engaging with him routinely to keep our skills and relationships strong. I can truly say they saved my family. Thank you for offering an incredibly valuable service.-Valerie L.   

Call us today at 610-935-8110 to sign up for lessons or classes!

About Us

At Valley Veterinary Hospital we know your pet is a member of your family. Our responsibility and privilege is helping you take care of him or her! The hospital was established in 1996 by Dr. Lindsay Shreiber, VMD, with the goal of making a positive difference in the lives of patients and clients.

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