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Did you know animals can benefit from aqua therapy? Older dogs and certain breeds will struggle with joint pain. If you want to learn about aqua physical therapy’s benefits, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the different options for pet physical therapy. There are aqua therapists nearby where you can schedule an appointment for your pet.

Check out the tips below for more information.

Aqua Therapy Is Gentle on Joints

Swimming helps dogs who have motion problems compared to walking on the ground. That’s why aqua therapy benefits dogs with joint problems or arthritis.

Hydrotherapy will help your dog use their full range of motion and move its joints. Dogs will have a chance to exercise in a way that isn’t going to hurt their body. Working out in the water gives pets buoyancy and doesn’t place pressure on their joints.

Consider Aqua Therapy for Heavier Dogs

Hydrotherapy can help dogs who are overweight. The buoyancy from the water will help an overweight dog more. The dog might not exercise because they are so heavy its challenging to move around.

When you place your dog in the water, it wont have to bear its total weight anymore. They will have an easier time moving around and doing things in the water than walking on the road.

Buoyancy will help make weight-bearing a lot easier, but it will still result in an excellent workout. When working out in the pool or swimming at the beach, you will still face resistance in the water.

Prevent Potential Injuries

Condition your dog, so they don’t have a high chance of getting injured. When your dog is in top shape, they are less likely to deal with a significant injury. Aqua therapy works as a preventative therapy for dogs.

Aqua Therapy Helps Other Conditions

Aqua therapy will also help pets recover from surgery or injuries. Pets who need to lose weight or have joint problems will also benefit from this therapy.

An underwater treadmill will help a dog with walking issues move with minor pain. The buoyancy of the water will help them stand. Also, dogs with neurological problems will benefit from aqua therapy.

An underwater treadmill works for dogs with neurological problems. You might need to teach your dog how to walk again after an accident or poisoning.

Hydrotherapy after surgery will help your dog with a range of conditions. Some dogs will get aqua therapy to help with their gait abnormality, hip dysplasia, or spinal cord injury.

Often, hydrotherapy will improve a dogs mental state, as well. The therapy builds the pets confidence and calms them down.

Its an excellent form of exercise for otherwise healthy dogs as well. Your pet can build up both stamina and strength.

Working and athletic dogs who become trained in water will maintain their highest level of physical conditioning. Its never too late to begin hydrotherapy.

Freestyle Swimming Pool

Freestyle swimming is another excellent form of hydrotherapy for your dog. A trained practitioner will monitor your dog during the session as they move through various exercises.

Your dog will wear a flotation device and get held by the therapist.

You want your dog to feel safe and secure, so they can experience all the benefits of aqua therapy.

Who Shouldn’t Pursue Hydrotherapy

Even though there are plenty of benefits, hydrotherapy isn’t safe for dogs with infected wounds, a fear of the water, or cardiovascular problems. Aggression is also something that should be taken into consideration.

Some pets might have had previous trauma associated with water. You don’t want to set your dog off by bringing them to aqua therapy. Look into different kinds of therapy.

Compare the Different Types of Aqua Therapy

There are all kinds of different types of aqua therapy to pursue.

Your dog could use a treadmill to build muscles and improve their range of motion. Underwater treadmills will also improve cardiovascular health and gait retraining.

A swimming pool will also provide cardiovascular and circulatory benefits. Your pet will have a chance to work out aerobically but with a low impact on its body.

You could even bring your dog to a warm whirlpool. The warmth of the water will help soothe any muscle or joint aches your dog feels. This is especially beneficial after your pet experienced an injury.

Main Goals of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy seeks to improve dog coordination, strength, and quality of life.

Dogs who benefit from this therapy often have orthopedic or balance problems. They might also have a condition causing them to lose muscle mass.

Talk to your vet today and find a local aqua therapy clinic.

What Are Your Dog’s Needs?

You should think about the particular needs of your dog before pursuing any kind of therapy. It’s wise to talk it over with the veterinary, as well. If you want your dog to get in shape, it might be a great option.

For pets recovering from surgery, you should get the go-ahead from your vet.

Will You Pursue Aqua Therapy?

Did you find this guide helpful on the benefits of aqua therapy?

By pursuing this type of pet physical therapy, look at improving your dogs quality of life. If your dog needs to lose weight or has joint problems, bring them to a local aqua therapy clinic.

You can always contact us today if you have more questions. We would love to welcome you and your beloved pet.

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