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Choosing a new vet? Read why our clients say Valley Veterinary is the best

“I connected with animals at a very early age,” says Andi Winnemore, a lifelong resident of the Wayne, PA area. “I always knew I wanted to work with animals and was always taking care of my own pets as well as my friends’ pets.” After years as a dedicated veterinary assistant, Andi now owns and…

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When an Injury Means Surgery

“The best part of having a veterinarian who knows your family … they take it as their personal responsibility to care for my dog and making sure she gets the best life possible.” – Kristin DePolo, Chester County, PA Amber is a nine-year-old hunting Golden Retriever. Different from the American Show Goldens, the hunting Golden…

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Do you remember Heather, the yellow lab puppy from last year?

This is Barbara: our client’s latest foster from The Seeing Eye. Heather is all grown up now and has entered the next phase of her training and is soon to be paired with her partner. Barbara as you can see is a cutie and is just learning to sit still. Valley Veterinary Hospital & Dr.…

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