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Did you know that more than 4.5 million American families own a pet? Pets become like members of the family.

From playing fetch with one’s beloved dog in a neighborhood park to curling up and snuggling a kitty, animals make life even more amazing. This is why owners around the world prioritize animal health care and desire the best possible animal hospital when an emergency arises.

There are key factors to consider when selecting an animal hospital. Continue reading to learn more.

Selecting an Animal Hospital Near Me

Location is a core consideration when selecting an animal hospital, especially in times of emergency. Animal owners want to be close to a hospital where they can get their pets there quickly.

Fortunately, many cities and towns have options. While obvious, it is important to remember that bigger cities will have more options than smaller, quiet towns.

As an animal owner, you want to select a hospital that is nearby, but this does not have to sacrifice quality. If the best fit for your pet is 30 minutes to an hour away, it can be worth the drive. Quality will be highlighted below in greater detail.

Animal Hospital Speciality

Like human hospitals, some animal hospitals may have a certain specialty. They may be known as one of the best hospitals in the state for a certain condition or illness.

If your pet has a long-term condition or illness, it will be helpful to determine if any hospitals specialize in caring for your pet’s specific health challenge. Expert veterinarians will be able to give your pet the highest quality care and may help save your beloved pet’s life.

As an example, the University of Florida’s Small Animal Hospital has an incredible Oncology division for pets in Florida and surrounding states.

Word-of-Mouth Referrals

The highest compliment a veterinarian or animal hospital can receive is a word-of-mouth referral. Word-of-mouth referrals demonstrate that pet owners had a positive experience and were more than satisfied with the care their pets received.

As a pet owner searching for an animal hospital, nothing is more comforting than receiving a recommendation from a family member or friend. You know the people that matter most will not steer you in the wrong direction.

During the search process, ask your family or friends if they know of any great animal hospitals in the area. Ask about their experiences and learn as much as you can about the hospital. Your best friend’s animal hospital may be a perfect fit for your pet!

A word-of-mouth referral should provide a sense of confidence when selecting an animal hospital for your pet. You have every reason to believe that your pet is in excellent hands.

Reading Reviews is Helpful

While word-of-mouth referrals are preferred, in many cases, you may not know someone who can give you a firm recommendation. There are a variety of review platforms online, such as Google Reviews and Yelp, that can help you explore different animal hospital options.

Though trusting the opinion of strangers is not as comforting as loved ones, most people will be honest in their reviews. If they had a negative experience, they will be sure to share it to help others avoid having one too.

Pet owners can relate when it comes to the love they feel for their beloved animals. Often owners feel a sense of responsibility when a bad experience occurs because they want to ensure the hospital does not mistreat even more animals.

Therefore, reviews of animal hospitals can be a vital research tool in the search process. When reading reviews, do not just read one. It is essential that you read multiple.

This will allow you to determine a general consensus of whether the hospital provided satisfactory service or not.

Research the Hospital’s Veterinarians

Another critical aspect of online research is reading about the hospital’s veterinarians. You can visit its website and look through the standard veterinarian biographies. There is nothing wrong with researching further by reading third-party sources as well.

As you learn more about the people who make the hospital what it is, also research if the hospital has received any specific awards or accolades.

Visit the Animal Hospital and Talk to Its Staff

After conducting online research, you may want to visit the hospital and see its facilities for yourself. This is more than encouraged.

Call the hospital ahead and see if you can schedule a consultation appointment. During your visit, you can learn more about the hospital and its services in greater detail.

In-person visits can be comforting as the hospital can become more familiar to you, and you can begin to build a relationship with its staff. Pet owners want to be able to completely trust the veterinarians they select and know that they can rely on them.

Do not hesitate to ask the hospital’s team of veterinarians questions. They will be more than happy to address your questions or concerns.

Explore Valley Veterinary Hospital Today

Selecting an animal hospital is a great responsibility for a pet owner. You want to choose a hospital that will provide excellent care for your pet and can offer specialized services if needed.

At Valley Veterinary Hospital, our team of experienced veterinarians is dedicated to providing care, commitment, and compassion to every patient and owner. We do what we do every day because we have seen the impact such meaningful work provides.

To learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment, please contact our team today. We are only a call away.

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