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Flea-bitten and very thin, the little dachshund was in need of extreme care. Linda Herman, an analyst who lives in Phoenixville, first learned about her story from friends on Facebook. Sweet Pea 2

“Apparently she had been living with a family and when the parents were not paying attention the children tossed the dog down a laundry chute,” says Herman. The young dog suffered a severe spine injury and was left in a crate in a misguided effort to heal. That’s when Home Sweet Home Again Rescue came into the picture. The family thankfully agreed to surrender the dachshund named Sweet Pea. They dropped off the sickly, injured dachshund in a tiny box.

Herman began receiving updates on Sweet Pea from the rescue. In addition to her injuries, Sweet Pea’s kneecaps were backwards, which meant the chances of her walking again were minimal.

“I was not in the market for another dog,” says Herman. “But there was something about her face.” When the latest update showed she was stable enough to adopt, Herman decided to apply. She contacted Dachshund Rescue of North America where she had previously adopted three other dachshunds. Sweet Pea arrived safely with her foster mom after a five-hour drive from the Pittsburgh area.

“We have done water therapy since that time but it didn’t do much good and I didn’t expect any miracles,” says Herman, who also owns two horses, two birds and two other dogs. If the seven-pound Sweet Pea wants to move around, she has to drag her back legs, so Herman had her fitted with a wheelchair cart. She also wears a diaper and needs to be bathed every night.

“Linda’s level of commitment and Sweat Pea’s story are inspiring to all of us,” says Dr. Shreiber. “It gives us great joy to be a small part of their lives.”

Herman says all the extra care is worth it. “It’s the life I chose and I can’t imagine not doing this,” she says. Herman found Valley Veterinary through Facebook as well. “Valley Vet always goes beyond the usual,” she says. “Dr. Shreiber is always so thorough and spends time with the animals. They are keeping Sweet Pea happy and healthy.”






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