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Valley Vet and The Seeing Eye

The Seeing Eye is a remarkable philanthropic organization that enhances the independence of blind people through the use of guide dogs. The Seeing Eye breeds their own puppies and when they reach 8 weeks old, they leave to spend a year learning basic obedience with a volunteer. Beth Pfizenmayer, a local Seeing Eye puppy raiser…

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Bring Ginny Home

A lost pet can be a trying and challenging experience for any animal owner. Many lost pet stories end in heartbreak, but the story of Ginny proves that a combination of luck, hard work, and determination can lead to a happy resolution.   Virginia, Ginny for short, was named after the home state of George…

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Jon Schell and Bruno

With kennel cough, an untreated skin condition and a bad case of wanderlust, Bruno was not an easy sell at a Philadelphia shelter. But Jon Schell saw something extraordinary in the handsome pit bull. The problem was convincing his girlfriend, Katie. “I sent a picture of him to Katie and she said, basically, whatever you…

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A Special-Needs Dachshund Finds the Perfect Home

Flea-bitten and very thin, the little dachshund was in need of extreme care. Linda Herman, an analyst who lives in Phoenixville, first learned about her story from friends on Facebook.  “Apparently she had been living with a family and when the parents were not paying attention the children tossed the dog down a laundry chute,”…

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Check the Chip! Celebrating National Microchip Day

This is the story of Cyrus, the luckiest dog, with a tale to tell. Thanks to Valley Veterinary’s receptionist, Ashley Foresta, her rescue City of Elderly Love, and a network of caring volunteers, Cyrus is now home and safe after an incredible journey. Cyrus, a 12-year-old pit and lab cross, was not microchipped and had…

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Back to (Grad) School after Hands-on Hospital Experience at Valley Veterinary

Meredith Lawler’s first role at Valley Veterinary Hospital was as a kennel worker. At the time, she was an ambitious 17-year-old high school student who was interested in learning all she could about medicine. “It’s been so memorable,” says Meredith, an Owen J. Roberts High School graduate, who worked her way up to scheduling appointments…

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Nature Notes, Mama Rabbit Will Be Back

These baby rabbits were dropped off at our office Monday morning. Please share this ‘nature note’ with your neighbors. Though it is not uncommon to come across wildlife while doing yard work, generally the best practice is to leave them alone. “While baby rabbits may appear abandoned, the opposite is usually true,” says Dr. Shreiber.…

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Give Me Shelter, One Local Couple Works to Save Stray and Feral Cats

“Valley Vet has been as fantastic about handling our TNR cats as they have been with our indoor ferals,” says Jean.   Jean and Steve moved into their house with three cats of their own. But soon they noticed a few visitors. A population of feral cats was living in the woods and a nearby…

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Bring an Extra Snack and a Water Bowl!

June 26, 2015 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day  There are so many benefits to working with your dog. If you’re lucky enough to work with your dog tomorrow, or any day, please send us pictures. Tell us your favorite thing about going to work with your dog. Dr. Shreiber brings both of his…

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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

How a senior border collie inspired a retired aerospace design engineer and forged a beautiful friendship When Ray Lisiewski agreed to take in an 8-year-old border collie named Ashley he had no idea how she would change his life.  

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