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Dear Valued Customers and Friends

In response to the developments of COVID-19 and the regulations put in place by Governor Wolf, Valley Veterinary Hospital is taking significant precautions to ensure the health and safety of our clients.

While we have not shut down, we have adjusted operations to best serve our customers during this time to do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

During this time, while our facility will still remain operational, we have adjusted our appointments and check in and checkout process to help in our efforts with the CDCs recommendations of Social Distancing.

We are still honoring curbside drop-off and pick-up protocols. Please give us a call when you arrive outside of our facility for an appointment. Once checked in with reception, one of our Vet Technician's will greet you at your car to escort your furry friend into one of our exam rooms. The doctor will then give you a call during your appointment. Once the appointment is over, Reception will facilitate the check out process over the phone, and a Vet Technician will reunite you with your furry friend at your vehicle.

If you need to pick up medication or food for your pet, we ask that you also please call ahead of time, so we can have your supplies ready quickly, and we can always take a card over the phone.

Additionally, our staff will be implementing health screening for the safety of the public who engage with our facility and our staff. If you are exhibiting possible symptoms, have been in contact with someone sick or in quarantine, please let us know so we can act accordingly. We will continue to do our best to assist you and problem solve any needs, especially in emergency cases.

We continue to see all medically urgent, emergent and problem oriented visits as usual. We will be reviewing all currently scheduled appointments and making schedule adjustments on a case by case basis. Puppy and Kitten appointments will not be adjusted and will remain as scheduled, as they are critical early life stage health care.  Any new appointments will be scheduled based on urgency. Additionally, we will continue to be open for emergencies, prescription refills, and pet food supplies.

BOARDING AND DAYCARE WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.— In line with Governor Wolf’s restrictions, we will be shutting down and reevaluating as the situation progresses. If you currently have a reservation scheduled with us, it will not be canceled, but we will not be taking new reservations until further notice.  We are saddened to not be able to provide this service for our clients at this time, but we feel it is necessary to help reduce spread; and are doing so with the safety of both our customers, their families, and our staff in mind. We are looking forward to welcoming all of our furry friends back as soon as possible! We will continue to be staffed to take care of the animals who are already in our care and will be available for owners to pick up their pets, however we will not be taking drop offs for either of these services.

Training appointments—Daniel will continue to see and individual lessons, however the group lessons and social sessions will be postponed for the time being. You will retain your spot in the class and we will notify you when we are running these classes and special sessions again.

Grooming Appointments—We will continue to see individual grooming appointments, but will assess each appointment and will call clients to reschedule the ones that we feel need to be moved. We are taking concern and consideration for our clients who are in the most at-risk category of severe symptoms of COVID-19.

Wellness Exams and Annual visits, if your dog has not received their vaccines in over 2 years and would be out of date on core vaccines such as Rabies, this is a necessary visit. Please also when discussing with our receptionists over the phone, let us know if you have any concerns you need to address with your Vet while at your appointment so we may better understand the urgency of your visit, since Wellness exams and Annual visits are important health screening services for your pet.

Problem Oriented Visits—If your dog is not eating, drinking, is vomiting, has diarrhea etc, we will see these appointments at the earliest scheduled time available, and schedule them as we normally would, and if we feel they are an emergency, will see you immediately within our emergency hours.

Emergencies—As stated above, we will continue to be open for emergencies within our ours of operations.

We are wishing all the best to all of our clients and friends, and good health for all. Thank you for helping us do our part in keeping our communities safe and well during this time.

Thank you,

Sincerely the Valley Veterinary Hospital Staff

Can my pet get Corona Virus? (Also known as COVID-19)

In short answer, no, your pet can not get COVID-19. There has been no record of this virus being transmitted from human to animal and putting our pets in harms way. If you or someone in your family is sick with Corona Virus, your pet will be safe.

However recent studies, as researchers have been quickly investigating and studying this outbreak, have shown that the Corona Virus can live on surfaces for up to 3 days, and this includes our pets fur. This is one of the reasons why we are recommending non essential services to be moved until PA recommends that non essential businesses resume function. We will continue to operate our medical services and necessity health services, which are essential medical services, but to reduce the possible spread most of our life style services will be reduced.

Additionally, we would like to remind our clients and friends to be mindful of each others animals and apply Social Distancing recommendations to our furry friends too.