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Can you believe that around 48 million households in America own at least one dog?

Considering how sweet and silly these companions are, it’s no wonder why people can’t seem to get enough. Although dogs enrich our lives in so many different ways, dog ownership is a huge responsibility and you have to be prepared to do all kinds of tasks to keep them happy and healthy.

While some breeds are pretty low maintenance, most dogs need grooming on a regular basis. If you’re a new pet parent, keep reading to learn what you can expect from a dog grooming appointment.

Your Dog Will Get a Good Bath

Many hairstylists prefer to wash their clients’ hair before they give them a haircut. Pet grooming is the same! Giving your dog a thorough bath will ensure that their coat is clean and healthy before the groomer starts cutting.

It’s nice to get into the habit of brushing your dog every day to prevent matting, but even the most conscientious dog owners can’t detangle some types of fur. Their groomer will do their best to remove any tangles before the dog cleaning to avoid injuring them during the clipping.

The Groomer Will Use the Best Tools to Cut Their Fur

One of the top reasons why every dog owner should consider taking their pet to a professional instead of trying to do the job themselves is that groomers have high-quality tools. Not only do they have the best gear on the market, but they also have the knowledge and experience to pick the right tool for each task. They’ll work with a variety of combs, shampoos, ear cleaners, clippers, shavers, wipes, dryers, and more.

Some breeds of dogs shouldn’t ever be shaved because their coat protects them from the elements. Their groomer will know how to get their shedding under control while still keeping their coat intact.

Groomers know how to pay attention to the little details as well. They can trim around their paws and faces to keep them more comfortable. If owners have a specific style that they love for their pet, all they need to do is show a photo and let the groomer work their magic.

Nail Clipping and Ear Cleaning Is Included Too

Clipping a dog’s nails and keeping their ears clean and dry are also essential aspects of proper dog care. If you’ve ever clipped your own nails too short before, then you know how tricky this task could be for an average dog owner. A groomer will use a safe device that won’t cause your dog any pain.

Dogs are prone to ear infections because they can’t dry them like we can. Dogs with floppy ears are at risk even more since there isn’t any air circulating in there and the environment can get moist and warm. During your dog’s grooming session, their ears will get a deep cleaning as well and the groomer will alert you if there are any signs of an infection.

They’ll Get a Beautiful Blow Dry

Dogs that come home from the groomer are always soft and they smell amazing. Groomers have special blow dryers that won’t overheat your dog and they get the job done as fast as possible to prevent anxiety. These dryers also give their coat a wonderful fluff that you’ll love running your fingers through.

Many groomers also enjoy finishing their masterpieces by giving the dogs a beautiful new bandana. You can build a fun collection and swap them out whenever you want to spice up their appearance at home.

What Do Dog Owners Need to Do Before the Appointment?

Dog grooming is meant to be a simple process that takes all of the stress away from the owners. Before your groomer can get to work, though, there are a few things you’ll have to do.

Since groomers handle dozens of dogs each week, it’s important that every visitor is healthy and up to date on vaccinations. You should always call to confirm which documents you’ll need to bring as proof since some groomers are stricter than others. As a general rule of thumb, you should have paperwork for rabies, kennel cough, canine influenza, and tick and flea prevention.

This will also give you peace of mind that your dog won’t get sick by being close to other animals during their visit.

Helpful Things to Tell Their Groomer

When it comes to grooming tips, you should always be open about any special conditions or concerns you have as a pet owner. Some senior dogs may not be able to stand for long periods of time, so your groomer should have a plan to keep them comfortable while they work. Other dogs have behavioral issues that can put the groomer at risk if they aren’t informed beforehand.

If you have a busy schedule, then you should feel free to ask the groomer about how long they expect the session to last. Some groomers can get the job finished in an hour if they aren’t busy while other times you may have to wait four hours before you can reunite with your furry friend.

Are You Ready to Book Your First Dog Grooming Appointment?

Dog grooming can be a complicated process and your pet deserves the best. Now that you know what to expect from their first session, you can get ready to be blown away by how beautiful the results look.

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