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With kennel cough, an untreated skin condition and a bad case of wanderlust, Bruno was not an easy sell at a Philadelphia shelter. But Jon Schell saw something extraordinary in the handsome pit bull. The problem was convincing his girlfriend, Katie.

“I sent a picture of him to Katie and she said, basically, whatever you do, do not bring that dog home,” says Jon. So just how he ended up in their Audubon home is still something of the mystery of love. Once Katie met Bruno her hesitation vanished and her heart melted. Bruno knew how work his magic. The big, playful pit was one of the family.

“When we adopted him he was not vaccinated and not housetrained,” says Jon, 39. “Dr. Shreiber got him up to date with everything in early January 2015. He was absolutely fantastic. He and his whole staff are amazing.” (more…)