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Cyrus, a lab-pit cross, is reunited with his family in Northeast Philadelphia after Valley Vet receptionist, Ashley Foresta, worked with her rescue to get him home safely.

This is the story of Cyrus, the luckiest dog, with a tale to tell. Thanks to Valley Veterinary’s receptionist, Ashley Foresta, her rescue City of Elderly Love, and a network of caring volunteers, Cyrus is now home and safe after an incredible journey.

Cyrus, a 12-year-old pit and lab cross, was not microchipped and had no collar when he got frightened by fireworks on his Northeast Philadelphia block. He slipped out the front door. Before his family could corral him, someone on Souder Street called the city animal shelter who delivered Cyrus to the facility. When no one claimed him, he was scheduled for euthanasia. The shelters are so overwhelmed by dogs, euthanasia is an unfortunate daily reality. (more…)


Meredith Lawler learned about herself and veterinary medicine as a vet tech working at Valley Vet. The University of Pittsburgh graduate is now in grad school at Temple University.

Meredith Lawler’s first role at Valley Veterinary Hospital was as a kennel worker. At the time, she was an ambitious 17-year-old high school student who was interested in learning all she could about medicine.

“It’s been so memorable,” says Meredith, an Owen J. Roberts High School graduate, who worked her way up to scheduling appointments and working directly with the patients. “I have enjoyed my experiences at Valley Veterinary Hospital and learned an immense amount about myself, the medical field, administration, all while giving back to patients and clients. It was so nice to dive in to all this medicine and the staff has been so helpful in the whole educational experience.” (more…)