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Valley Vet has been as fantastic about handling our TNR cats as they have been with our indoor ferals,” says Jean.


Jean and Steve moved into their house with three cats of their own. But soon they noticed a few visitors. A population of feral cats was living in the woods and a nearby cemetery. They often wandered into their yard. “We began feeding one of the cats,” recalls Jean. “But we weren’t completely sure we wanted to take her in.” Soon enough, the stray made the decision for them. She brought a few extra paws, too. The mama stray returned with her kittens. (more…)

June 26, 2015 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day 

Gracie getting ready to go outside in the cold.

Dressed and ready to get to work!

There are so many benefits to working with your dog. If you’re lucky enough to work with your dog tomorrow, or any day, please send us pictures. Tell us your favorite thing about going to work with your dog. Dr. Shreiber brings both of his dogs, Cosmo and Gracie, into the office every day. “From an anthropology point of view, mankind has a long history of taking dogs to work,” says Dr. Shreiber. “Farmers and shepherds have always had their faithful working dogs alongside them. Having your dog at work celebrates this natural historical bond. Your dog will benefit from having more time with you, and by taking a lunchtime walk with your dog, you will enjoy the benefits of your canine companion and some outdoor sunshine and exercise.”

How a senior border collie inspired a retired aerospace design engineer and forged a beautiful friendship

When Ray Lisiewski agreed to take in an 8-year-old border collie named Ashley he had no idea how she would change his life.

Ray and Ashley, a great team.

Ray and Ashley, a great team.